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The title says it all. Alkitab Suara Launching Event on 27th February has brought a live experience of Bible for all the guests. The event has been creatively produced with a mashup by some actors who took their roles as David, Moses, Jesus, and other biblical figures; a live painting that enthralls as the color glows in the dark; row of biblical paintings exhibition; unlimited photo booth service; and a goodie bag contains a complete Alkitab Suara DVDs with a gift voucher, ready to be used.

The launching takes the concept of a mini-event. It began with a press conference at 3:30 in the afternoon at Wayang Bistro. Then, it continued on with the Thanksgiving Session with Reggie Tentero, the Executive Producer of Alkitab Suara and Hendra Chiang as the Producer. After that, the MC started the Launching Session and led the interview with Alkitab Suara’s key volunteers.

After 4 years of hard work, Alkitab Suara Launching has been a remarkable moment to truly celebrate the accomplishment of about 800 volunteers; from musician to the voice over, and all people who have taken their part in its production, working together for one vision.

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